At Ejlskov, we strive to make a difference for the environment and for our customers. We like to tackle environmental challenges, and we like to challenge traditional environmental thinking - to turn environmental costs into valuable short- and longterm investments.

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Effective in-situ remediation of a petrol station. Watch this movie to get a 5 minute demonstration of Ejlskovs patented Trap & Treat® BOS200® solution.

Reduce your soil remediation costs by 30 - 60% and avoid closures of your daily site operations during clean-up activities. These, along with fixed-price agreements and result guarantees, are some of the attractive conditions included in Ejlskovs in-situ bioremediation solutions. You can explore our references at 

Ejlskov is a good name in environmental services and solutions - but how is Ejlskov to be pronounced?

Ejlskov BOS 200




Watch this brochure on cost-effective in-situ remediation solutions for petrol stations and oil operators.

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