Remediation Work

If soil and/or groundwater contamination is compromising the environment or the future use of the premises, a remediation project has to be conducted. As a part of the planning the cleaning method best suited for that particular site should be chosen before implementation. The traditional method is removal of the contaminated soil either to a soil recovery plant or to a sanitary landfill depending on the type of contaminant. An alternative method is in situ cleaning. By this method the contaminants are removed without excavation. Buildings can remain and normal activities can be maintained.

Ejlskov A/S provides the necessary planning including outlined and detailed design and liaison with the authorities.

Monitoring programmes

We supervise and monitor the remediation activities to assure compliance with environmental legislation and guidelines. When the remediation is completed, we check that the site is sufficiently clean to be released for the intended purpose.

Implementation of post acquisition synergies

To implement the planned synergies and other opportunities post acquisition activities often will have to be carried out. Ejlskov A/S can assist in bringing formalities such as permits and approvals up-to-date. Contact to or liaison with authorities. Implement cleaner production enabling increased production within existing environmental limit values, and implement management of environmental and health & safety improvements.