The research and innovation project TReNDS, co-financed by the Innovation Fund Denmark, delivers valuable outcomes for the modelling of future agriculture regulations. As partner in the project, Ejlskov has developed a patent-pending soil penetrating probe that can measure redox conditions in the subsurface.

During the summer of 2018, Ejlskov completed site investigations and prepared an in-situ cleanup program for a Chinese industrial company, restoring an oil-contaminated site. Now a Chinese team has been established to support Ejlskov by the in-situ installation on site.

Ejlskov Trap & Treat BOS 100® in-situ technology proves high potential for groundwater protection and treatment of sites contaminated by explosive compounds.

3D scanning of subsoil should make it faster, cheaper and easier to clean up contaminated soil without the use of excavators.This is the concept behind the innovation project Guided Injection Remediation (GIRem) that Ejlskov A/S, Aarhus University and Airborne Instruments ApS have joined forces to realise. Danish innovation fund Innovationsfonden, has invested DKK 17 million in the project.

Shells petrol station in Brøndby, which has been contaminated by a gasoline spill in 2003 and by contaminant residues dating back from the 1980-90s, is now declared officially cleaned up. The site is successfully remediated by use of Ejlskovs patented in-situ biotechnology Trap & Treat® BOS 200®, which has removed more than 95 percent of the contamination in a few years. The cleanup project is an international example of, how new technology can create an effective alternative to extensive excavation work and land replacement.

Ejlskovs in-situ bioremediation proves again to be the most suitable approach in terms of both costs and performance capabilities for the cleanup of a commercial site contaminated by spill of benzene and organic solvents. This is the conclusion of Circle Ks recent search for a solution to the underground contamination problem at their filling station in Vara. Circle K is now contracting Ejlskov for the task, and for some crucial reasons:

Ejlskov has won a new framework agreement with the Danish Road Directorate, totalling a budget of approx. 5.1 million DKK.

In cooperation with a group of Danish companies and Aarhus University, Ejlskov has entered a project that aims to develop a solution to sludge problems in China derived from primarily agriculture and oil industry.

How to cut remediation costs by 30 - 60%! This is the recipe Ejlskov brings to site owners, site administrators and site developers at the international IFAT trade fair for environmental technology in Munich 14 - 18 May.

Ejlskov has won a bioremediation contract with an industrial client in China for a total of DKK 2.25 million.

RPIs launching of CAT 100™ is a market break through that will lead to new significant results for the in-situ remediation of various chlorinated solvents.

Ejlskov and its Chinese partners have just completed the first phase of a large high frequency investigation at a petrochemical site in China. 161 MIP probings with a total of 2.5 km direct push depth meters were successfully performed allowing the team and its client to determine the extent of underground contamination on and off site.

New Year Greetings from the Ejlskov team in China, who are currently making a high-resolution investigation of contamination on a 1.2 square-kilometre oil refinery in Shaanxi Province.

On 27th October Ejlskov established a subsidiary company and office in China.
Ejlskov's new subsidiary office is in Qingdao, and will serve as a well-situated platform for servicing our clients in nearby provinces.

In early September, Ejlskov took its first step to remediate yet another gas station in Europe in a little village in Eastern Finland.

Ejlskov has successfully completed the installation of 50,000 kg of CAT100™ across 702 injection locations, at an active site in Western Finland.

Ejlskov is excited to announce our first project in South Africa! Working in partnership with our new customer, USK Environmental & Waste Engineering.

Ejlskov performing MIP
Ejlskov has completed our first projects in China: Ejlskov is providing our Chinese clients with rapid and high-resolution site investigation tools and expertise.
Ejlskov signs China contract
The authorities in one of the major Provinces in China have signed a contract with Ejlskov regarding quantification and 3D modelling of soil and groundwater contamination at two sites.
At Ejlskov we continuously extend our range of technical equipment. Newest investment is our new T-VAC “vacuum cleaner”. The machine is used for “air digging” at our remediation sites – to prevent any damage to sub-surface installations. E.g. when injecting around USTs, pipes, cables and other installations.
Ejlskov in Finland

A full-scale remediation project in Finland is to be conducted by Ejlskov this summer. The objective of the project is to clean up the source area at a large contamination of chlorinated solvents, and by use of a vertical barrier also to completely remove further risks towards the surrounding environment. The project is among the largest in Finland’s history and will be carried out in cooperation with the client’s consultants.

Flag Ejlskov in China

Ejlskov has signed contracts with two companies in China regarding the remediation of soil and groundwater contaminations and biological treatment of wastewater from chemical industries. This is a major step in Ejlskov’s international development and a clear breakthrough for not only the company but for western remediation technology in general.

Ejlskov is to share knowledge about innovative remediation design and in-situ technologies at European Remediation Workshop 2016 in Birmingham, Paris and Stockholm in November.
Ejlskov introduced environmental authorities and representatives from the oil and consulting industry to the latest advanced in-situ remediation technology at an open house event in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Ejlskov will present groundbreaking technology for in situ remediation at the 6th Nordic Joint Meeting on Remediation of Contaminated Sites – Nordrocs 2016 – on 5--8 September 2016.
Ejlskov has appointed Carsten Frederiksen (50) as new sales and marketing director responsible for driving sales and further developing the company’s presence in international markets.

Ejlskov welcomes two new colleagues who will work with MIP investigations and contamination analysis in Denmark and internationally.

Ejlskov has partnered with GeoStream UK to bring patented Trap & Treat® BOS 100® and BOS 200® remediation technology to the UK. 

Ejlskov was put on the map as an international player in the environmental consultancy sector at the annual committee meeting of the European Law Student Association (ELSA) in Malta. The participating law team from Denmark were all appropriately dressed in Ejlskov sponsored t-shirts.

A remediation team from Ejlskov has arrived in Bologna, Italy to carry out a fast and effective in-situ clean-up operation at a former industrial site contaminated by chlorinated solvents. 

Ejlskov is to cooperate with Chinese authorities and businesses on a series of soil and groundwater remediation and protection projects.

Find out in less than five minutes by watching the new Ejlskov film. This guided tour of in-situ remediation demonstrates the process step by step when Trap&Treat® BOS 200® is used at an oil-contaminated site.

Environmental technology and equipment was presented to representatives from a Chinese company during a visit at Ejlskov in September.

Svend Aage Laursen is from August 3 employed as Ejlskovs new Chief Financial Officer. Svend Aage has many years of experience in financial management and accounting in large and medium-sized industrial companies.

One of the biggest challenges for today’s farmers is to increase production per acre while maintaining a sound environmental profile. Ejlskov is contributing to a five-year project to build a platform that will help achieve that goal. Called Future Cropping, the DKK 100 million (EUR 13.4 million) project aims to make crop production more intelligent, sustainable and efficient.

An interested audience attended Ejlskov’s open house event at St1 in Lahti, Finland on June 18.

The open house demonstration was held at an St1 petrol station in Lahti, where Ejlskov has initiated remediation activities to clean up soil contaminated by an oil leakage.

Ejlskov has entered a cooperation agreement with St1 in Finland to clean up an oil contaminated site at a petrol station in Lahti.

AquaConSoil 2015 was a hub of networking activities and expert discussions in Copenhagen last week. For us at Ejlskov, it was a great opportunity to showcase our environmental services and innovative remediation technologies and meet many interesting people from around the world. Some also went home as lucky iPad winners from our AquaConSoil draw.

Ejlskov participates as sponsor at AquaConSoil 2015, the international conference on water and soil management which will run from 9 to 12 June in Bella Center, Copenhagen.
Ejlskov has successfully completed its environmental remediation activities at a Danish Shell station on schedule. Located in Brøndby on the outskirts of Copenhagen, the petrol station will reopen in June as planned.

Business representatives from Denmark and abroad took part in Ejlskovs Open Day event 22 April to see how Ejlskov cleans up oil and petrol-contaminated sites quickly and effectively by advanced in-situ remediation. 

Nitrate leaching from agricultural areas is one of the major water resources management problems in Denmark. Prompted by the Danish Commission on Nature and Agriculture new regulation strategies are currently being developed in Denmark based on spatially differentiated N-regulation, where higher N-applications can be allowed in areas with high natural reduction of nitrate in the groundwater and riparian zones.