Nitrate leaching from agricultural areas is one of the major water resources management problems in Denmark. Prompted by the Danish Commission on Nature and Agriculture new regulation strategies are currently being developed in Denmark based on spatially differentiated N-regulation, where higher N-applications can be allowed in areas with high natural reduction of nitrate in the groundwater and riparian zones.

The overall objective of TReNDS is to improve our understanding and develop the scientific foundation, field technologies and modelling concepts for cost-effective quantitative assessments of nitrate transformation at various landscapes required for spatially differentiated regulation. The project is a collaboration between Danish and foreign research groups and is co-financed by Innovation Fund Denmark.

One of Ejlskovs functions in the project is to develop and test a new probe for local measurement of nitrate, redox and special soil parameters in the subsurface. Ejlskov will also support the development of new methodologies for the establishment of investigation strategies for different lithological settings. Furthermore, Ejlskovs broad expertise in the evaluation and management of environmental parameters in soil and groundwater will contribute to the project.

TReNDS (Transport and Reduction of Nitrate in Danish Landscapes at various Scales) is one in a series of development projects where Ejlskov is involved. Another is the project Future Cropping, which aims to develop new methods and decision tools for differentiated cropping.

The project TReNDS started January 1, 2015 and runs for four years until the end of 2018.

TReNDS is partly funded by Innovation Fund Denmark:


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