Ejlskov is to share knowledge about innovative remediation design and in-situ technologies at European Remediation Workshop 2016 in Birmingham, Paris and Stockholm in November.

The event series focuses on today’s leading technologies for cleaning up soil and groundwater contamination and provides an international platform for knowledge sharing and networking.

Organized by Enviro Workshops, the European Remediation Workshop is part of a series to be held across North America and Europe. More than 6,000 professionals from around the world have already signed up for the events.

In addition to Ejlskov’s contribution, European participants can attend sessions by Carus Corporation, Ivey International, BAW Environmental Engineering and Krüger A/S.

Program and registration:

The workshops are free to attend following pre-registration via the links below:

Birmingham, Remediation Workshop 2016, Monday, 7 November
Online tilmelding:

Paris, Remediation Workshop 2016, Wednesday, 9 November
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Stockholm, Remediation Workshop 2016, Friday, 11 November
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