One of the biggest challenges for today’s farmers is to increase production per acre while maintaining a sound environmental profile. Ejlskov is contributing to a five-year project to build a platform that will help achieve that goal. Called Future Cropping, the DKK 100 million (EUR 13.4 million) project aims to make crop production more intelligent, sustainable and efficient.

The idea is to establish an open data platform, where large amounts of data from farming and environment technologies can be combined with, for example, specific site and weather data. This will support the innovation of intelligent decision support tools and differentiated crop production methods.

Ejlskov’s role in the project is to develop a new probe for extracting soil and groundwater data, which will be used to measure and map the environmental impact of farming in sensitive areas. The method will contribute to the development of new technologies for optimizing crop production, fertilizer use and other production variables depending on local conditions, differences in cultivation areas and the need to preserve soil quality. Working alongside the Danish Centre for Agriculture and other companies and research institutions, Ejlskov will also contribute cutting-edge knowledge in environmental investigations, new injection technologies and contamination issues. 

Future Cropping is one in a series of development projects where Ejlskov is involved. Another is the TReNDS project, a collaboration between Danish and foreign research teams to identify new methods and tools for mapping nitrate in soil and groundwater. The project runs until the end of 2018.

Key partners in Future Cropping are: Kongskilde Industries A/S, AGCO A/S, Orbicon A/S, Ejlskov A/S, Novozymes A/S, Yara Danmark Gødning A/S, Aarhus University, Science & Technology, University of Copenhagen, SCIENCE, AgroTechn and the Danish Centre for Agricultures.

Future Cropping is 50% financed by Innovation Fund Denmark: 


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