Ejlskov Trap & Treat BOS 100® in-situ technology proves high potential for groundwater protection and treatment of sites contaminated by explosive compounds.

Positive results from a pilot test performed in July 2018 by Ejlskov for one of its clients, now show evidence that BOS 100® effectively degrades problematic explosive compounds such as Trinitrotoluene (TNT), Cyclonite (RDX) and Trinitrobenzene (TNB).

The trial area covered approximately 50 sqm and the execution of 8 injection points with treatment depths between 10 and 15 meters below ground level (m bgl). 

After years with contamination in the area, a significant decline in the presence of explosive compounds is now being observed.

Regular groundwater monitoring will continue throughout 2019 for further evaluation and verification of the successful achievements so far. Work learnings from the project will eventually form the basis for future remediation efforts on larger scale.


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