Business representatives from Denmark and abroad took part in Ejlskovs Open Day event 22 April to see how Ejlskov cleans up oil and petrol-contaminated sites quickly and effectively by advanced in-situ remediation. 

The open house demonstration was held at a Shell petrol station just outside Copenhagen, where Ejlskov is currently underway with the final phase of the remediation process, involving the precise injection of Trap & Treat ® BOS 200® into the ground.

Ejlskov is the only supplier of this highly efficient, sustainable and patented technology in Europe. 

For many petrol stations and oil depots with contamination problems, this technology is very attractive, due to its cost efficiency and the minimal disturbance it causes to the sites` day to day operations. 

Compared to other products used for oil and petrol remediation, BOS 200® stands out for its ability to degrade components under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. A sustainable slurry, containing active carbon, nutrients and microorganisms, is injected into the ground. The active carbon mixture actively traps the contaminants, which are then broken down by the microorganisms over a period of one to three years. According to Ejlskov´s recent measurements, the contamination at the Shell petrol station near Copenhagen will be eliminated within 18 to 36 months.

During the open house event, the 25 participants gained an insigth into the entire remediation process - from the initial location and evaluation of the contaminants to the design and implementation of a customized remediation plan. After the seminar, participants saw the remediation process in action during a guided tour.

Palle Ejlskov

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