Shells petrol station in Brøndby, which has been contaminated by a gasoline spill in 2003 and by contaminant residues dating back from the 1980-90s, is now declared officially cleaned up. The site is successfully remediated by use of Ejlskovs patented in-situ biotechnology Trap & Treat® BOS 200®, which has removed more than 95 percent of the contamination in a few years. The cleanup project is an international example of, how new technology can create an effective alternative to extensive excavation work and land replacement.

For the past four years, Ejlskov has been engaged to control and remove the benzene contamination underneath Shell´s filling station in Brøndby on the outskirts of Copenhagen. A contamination that has plagued the station particularly since 2003, where a spill from a pipeline between tank and a petrol pump was detected. Additionally, old spillage, registered back in the 1980-90s and only partly removed since then, draws up the overall contamination problem at the site. Since the discovery, Shell and the municipality of Brøndby have jointly used different remedial efforts to keep the contamination in control. A suitable solution for a full-scale remediation of the site was not found though until 2012, where a pilot test of Ejlskovs in-situ bioremediation confirms that by use of this technology, environmental cleanup criteria set by the municipality can be reached in just a few years.

International example

Instead of closing the gas station and driving away thousand tons of contaminated soil, activated carbon, nutrients and microorganisms have done all the work underground. In fact, so successfully that Brøndby municipality now certifies that the site's active remediation is complete.

"The municipality of Brøndby has a large share in today's removal of more than 95 per cent of the gasoline contamination under the station. The municipality had the courage to support the choice of a new environmental technology, and I'm obviously glad that their courage to take new steps has now been rewarded”, says Søren Møller Maretti, Retail Director of DCC Energy, who runs the Shell stations in Denmark.

"The results we have achieved in Brøndby have made this project an international success story. Our carefully designed remediation program has worked extremely well and the work of Brøndby municipality is a school example of, how other municipalities with contaminated sites can choose effective alternatives to extensive excavation work and land replacement”, adds Palle Ejlskov, Director, Ejlskov.


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