Ejlskov in Finland

A full-scale remediation project in Finland is to be conducted by Ejlskov this summer. The objective of the project is to clean up the source area at a large contamination of chlorinated solvents, and by use of a vertical barrier also to completely remove further risks towards the surrounding environment. The project is among the largest in Finland’s history and will be carried out in cooperation with the client’s consultants.

“Ejlskov holds the rights to RPIs Trap & Treat products in Europe, and in cooperation with the client’s consultants and by use of our unique injections methods, we have been able to provide a cost-efficient and sustainable solution, which have now lead to signing of one of the largest remediation contracts in Finland”, says CEO Palle Ejlskov.

Ejlskov acts as a contractor and technology provider and is very proud to have been chosen to solve the task in Finland.