Ejlskov has partnered with GeoStream UK to bring patented Trap & Treat® BOS 100® and BOS 200® remediation technology to the UK. 

As subsidiary of the specialist environmental contractor McAuliffe Group, GeoStream UK is a well-known provider of in-situ solutions in the market.

James Cartwright, CEO of GeoStream UK, comments: "The cooperation between GeoStream UK and Ejlskov comes at the perfect time to meet market demand for innovative and cost-effective solutions for treating brownfield land and protecting soil and groundwater quality.”

Brownfield land is the term for former industrial sites with potential for redevelopment.

BOS 100® and BOS 200® are specially designed for injecting in the soil, where they degrade chlorinated and organic solvents and oil components. Both are efficient and environmental-friendly alternatives to traditional remediation methods.

For more information:
Director, Palle Ejlskov, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., mobile: 3168 9586