Ejlskov is to cooperate with Chinese authorities and businesses on a series of soil and groundwater remediation and protection projects.
One of the major remediation projects is located in Nantong on the coast of the East China Sea. Here, deputy mayor of Nantong has invited Ejlskov to support the remediation of a number of industrial sites. The estimated total budget for the projects is 230 million RMB.

"The sites have been used by a range of industries, including pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyeing, gasworks, metal and other chemical industries," says Ejlskov’s chief science officer Bjørn Hjortshøj Andersen.

“The first goal is to establish small demonstration projects that will monitor and test solutions for remediating groundwater contamination from these industrial areas. The Nantong authorities are also interested in drawing on our knowledge and technology to deal with other contamination problems in the area.”

Growing demand
In Sichuan province, Ejlskov is also teaming up with Chengdu Jiajieer Environmental protection Co., Ltd.. The Chinese company has chosen Ejlskov as its technical support partner to meet the growing demand for innovative soil contamination solutions. The cooperation will make use of Ejlskov’s Trap & Treat BOS 100/200® technology for the remediation of organic solvents and oil components - technology that is currently unknown in China.

Great expectations
"We are very pleased with the interest shown in us in China,” says Bjørn Hjortshøj Andersen. "We expect our cooperation with the Chinese market to accelerate in the coming years.”