Ejlskov has signed contracts with two companies in China regarding the remediation of soil and groundwater contaminations and biological treatment of wastewater from chemical industries. This is a major step in Ejlskov’s international development and a clear breakthrough for not only the company but for western remediation technology in general.

“Without a doubt, the Chinese market has the largest potential in the world, and from the new environmental legislation and strong will to provide for a greener future, China is now at the very forefront when it comes to implementation of new technologies for environmental cleanup.

Our technology for in-situ remediation has drawn attention to the efficiency of biodegradation of hydrocarbon contaminated sites, and there has been a great deal of talks, visits, and demonstrations both in Denmark and in China. This has led to the signing of a contract where Ejlskov will conduct remediation at a large petrochemical site in China.

Furthermore, by combining our know-how within chemistry and biology, we have also signed a contract for design of biological treatment of wastewater from chemical industries. This project is ongoing and has already shown good results for the client. The wastewater area is special for Ejlskov, but the obvious benefits of sharing know-how and methodology have shown to be beneficial for both parties.

We are very proud to be a part of the Chinese market and it is indeed satisfying to see our 2-3 years of research, negotiations, and buildup of relations now more than fulfilling our expectations”, says CEO Palle Ejlskov.

Ejlskov has signed contracts for cleanup of more sites this year, and expect the revenue from the Chinese market to rise significantly over the next 2 years.


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