Ejlskov has entered a cooperation agreement with St1 in Finland to clean up an oil contaminated site at a petrol station in Lahti.

The site is to be treated with Trap&Treat® BOS 200®, a sustainable slurry containing activated carbon, nutrients and microorganisms, which Ejlskov will inject into the soil. As its name suggests, the carbon mixture will first trap the contaminants and, then, degrade them over a period of 1-3 years. The method involves minimum operational disruption and can be completed without digging up the ground.

Environmental investigation
Ejlskov will follow a precise remediation plan based on an environmental investigation of the site conducted in February this year. Comprising 240 injections of BOS 200® down to a depth of 13 meters, all remediation activities are expected to be complete in August. Ejlskov will then commence continuous monitoring of the biological remediation process.

Open House
The project in Lahti is the latest in a series of remediation tasks carried out by Ejlskov in Finland. In 2014, the company was responsible for cleaning the site of an oil terminal in Helsinki. Several other Finnish site owners have taken note of Ejlskov’s sustainable approach to in-situ environmental remediation. On June 18, Ejlskov invited customers and other business contacts to attend a seminar and live demonstration that gave further insights into the remediation model. The open house event was held at the St1 station in Lahti in cooperation with the Finnish environmental consulting company Vahanen.

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