Ejlskov A/S contributes with Screening Phase Data Input. We address environmental concerns by offering aerial photography analysis to document prior use and onsite activities. Aerial photography is used to interpret surface and subsurface features. The analysis often reveals information that is not documented by the authorities.

We assist real estate developers by using current and historic aerial photography as a tool in site selection and in the due diligence process. By conducting a change analysis, a process whereby current imagery is viewed in conjunction with older imagery, developers can identify growth and infrastructure patterns to determine suitability of candidate site locations for residential, industrial, and commercial developments.

Furthermore, we have knowledge of a large number of sites with different types of contamination in case a company should be screening the market for a location at an already contaminated site.


  • Purchase of aerial photos for the relevant period
  • Aerial photography analysis including:
  1. Surface conditions
  2. Physical boundaries
  3. Prior use and/or onsite activities at any given period in time
  4. Subsurface features
  5. Site reconnaissance for further clarificatio

The report includes an evaluation of potential sources of contamination displayed on a map using GIS to show multi-layer "time-sequenced" data. Cost related to suggested future investigations will be indicated.