Trap & Treat® BOS 100® is a safe and cost-efficient way to clean up soil contaminated by a variety of chlorinated solvents. The specially formulated particles protect groundwater throughout the clean-up cycle, neutralizing contaminants without leaving behind problematic daughter products. Leading science and years of experience have driven the development of this revolutionary remediation product, which is simpler and less expensive than most other available technologies.

How does it work?

Comprising activated carbon and non-valent iron, BOS 100® is injected into the ground as a slurry. The carbon traps the contaminants, which the iron particles then degrade through a reductive dechlorinating process. Unlike traditional iron treatments, the carbon carrier captures and retains hazardous daughter products, such as vinyl chloride, until dechlorination is complete. Routine monitoring will show a substantial reduction in contaminants after a few months – and their complete removal within a few years.