For the collection of high-quality soil samples, Ejlskov often make use of Geoprobe® equipment, which provides us with a large range of drilling and sampling methods. Common for these is that samples of different lengths and depths can be obtained intact from the underground via a see-throug pvc tube. This improves the quality of the soil analysis, as specific soil cores can be inspected completely untouched before the sample is repacked and transferred for further analyses.


With this system it is possible to collect and observe complete and undisturbed soil samples continuous from the subsurface and down throughout the soil coloumn. Thereby we get a thorough inspection of the contamination and geology. Even small soil layers or sand lenses can be identified. The probe drilling is carried out with a double set of drill pipes. The outer tube constitutes a safety lining to increase stability and the inner tube maintains the sampling cassette in which the soil cores are collected. Each sample is collected and supplied in PVC pipes in sections of maximum 1.2 m.

Level specific sample:

By this technique a transparent pvc tube inside a 0.5 m sampling probe is used. The probe is placed in top of the requested depth. Here the probe opens and moves 0.5 m through the subsurface while the soil is pushed into the plastic tube. Afterwards the probe is retracted to the surface, and the pvc liner with the soil sample is taken out for further analysis. This sampling method is efficient and good for multiple sampling at sites where a quick overview of breadth and depth of a contamination is needed. Furthermore the system allows samling at specific soil levels without drilling up overlaying soil, which in case of contamination would require extra handling of contaminated soil.