Geoprobe® is a probing system developed in US. The system is used by Ejlskov for high quality environmental investigations. The Geoprobe® technology is different from traditional drilling methods as it uses multiple sampling and logging systems, which are pushed directly into the subsurface using both static force and percussion. The Geoprobe system enables us to make dynamic high-resolution characterization of underground contaminants and geology directly on site.

Advantages of using Geoprobe®:

  • Quick and flexible surveys
  • Applied sampling and monitoring
  • Real-time measurements and continuous fit of strategy
  • Different steps of the environmental survey can be joined into one process saving the client time and money

Combined with MIP direct push technology the Geoprobe sampling system supplies us with a substantial larger amount of high quality data for better risk assessment, decision making and remedial design.

Our services comply with the principals of the TRIAD approach.