In-situ remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater is in general a sustainable approach and in many cases very cost-effective solution, even some times also the only feasible technology. Now it becomes even more attractive as the new combined MIP and Injection (MIP-IN) system is launched into the market. In one and the same operation the system detects the level location of volatile contaminants in the soil and groundwater and immediately after injects the chosen remediation product at the same level - a so called "targeted injection".

Clear benefits by using the MIP-IN system:

  • The targeted injection saves remediation product needed as well as time in the field and in the office
  • The remediation effect is improved due to targeted injection of product in volumes reflecting the actual contamination level
  • Decision making in the field will be based on real time data and full documentation (logging) of what has been carried out
  • Environmental sustainability — as it minimizes disturbance of uncontaminated land and risk of negative impact on environment, and it reduces consumption of energy and remediation product 

Examples of products used in the MIP-IN system

  • E-Zero Valent Iron (EZVI)
  • 3D-Microemulsion™
  • Newman Zone™
  • BOS100 and 200®
  • Molasses and bioaugmentation
  • ORC®
  • Permanganate and persulphate