Ejlskov Studio is a unique software programme developed to build an accurate 3D illustration of a contaminated area. Based on high-resolution data from physical site investigations, the 3D modelling tool facilitates the design of a detailed remediation plan, making the process of managing, monitoring and eliminating site contaminants even easier to follow and understand.

Unlike a written report, the 3D model shows at a glance the breadth and depth of the contamination.  And equally important, it shows the contaminated area in context, visualizing tanks and other installations above and below ground. The tool can produce a site model based on pre-existing and new data. All data are maintained and expanded throughout the entire remediation process providing a real-time data collection of very high quality. 

The 3D model takes shape dynamically as site data becomes available. Because screening and soil analyses cost money, it is important that our data-processing software adds as much value to the data as possible by extracting maximum information.